It’s Been a While and Other Good Things

Art by Ken Lamug

I’ve been neglecting this site, but for good reasons. I’ve been busy as part of a team effort on the newest KidLit GN Pitch event, which is Oct. 6! Coming next week.

I’ve also been busy writing my own graphic novels and other work, some of which I’ll be pitching then as well, but I do have a new post coming soon.

For now, check out the details at if you are a graphic novel creator and are looking to pitch to agents or editors (agented and un-agented creators are welcome on the website pitch).

And check out the posts on the KidLit GN Blog for great advice on pitching and for a chance to win some awesome prizes, including classes, critiques, Kids Comics Studio membership and more.

Have a great week!

2 thoughts on “It’s Been a While and Other Good Things

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