About me

I’m a mom, a nomad, a writer and seeker, but not the Quidditch kind. My dream is to write children’s lit that will entertain the heart and the mind. I’m writing picture books, middle grade and I even have a young adult draft that’s occupying my time. Thank you for stopping by.

Contact: jdewdropsofink at gmail dot com

2 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi, Johnell: I didn’t see a web address for you, so I’m posting here because in looking up stuff about Rubin Pfeffer I saw your interview and a “Blogs I Follow” list which included me — and the “Go India” blog I wrote. How did this flattering thing happen? I don’t remember us ever speaking — and there’s nothing from you in my e-mail. Can you clear up this mystery? Thanks!


    1. I can’t be certain, I’m still new at WordPress, but my feed is automatic and seems to include blogs of people who have visited my site that I have in turn followed. I wish I were better at all this tech stuff, but that’s the answer as near as I can figure. Good luck on your agent research.


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